This weeks Retro-ish car is the Ford Focus RS Mk2

What a tremendous beast

This car has come to be known as one of Fords great hatches, it is not a rare sight to see one of these whizzing around UK roads. They are definitely not hard to miss either. This is because they are everything you expect of a Ford hot hatch; loud, brash, quick and even quite garish if you were to buy it in the blinding ultimate green colour! Although I must admit that is my favourite colour of the lot.

Now, for some reason there is genuinely something quite attractive about something so yob-ish. It really is a hooligan on wheels, loving to make noise and be sure to make it's presence known wherever it goes! You probably couldn't pop to the shops for some milk in the morning without waking someone up with the sound of wham bam bam!

This snarling beast used a five cylinder 2.5 litre turbo charged fire-breathing engine that produced 301 bhp and 440nm of torque, with all this power going through the front wheels too. As you could imagine then, torque steer was pretty much inevitable and a there was a lot of it, even with Fords front suspension set up, limited slip diff and esp. But once you stopped spinning the front wheels the car was known to grip extremely well to the road and you could just take it by the scruff of the neck.

The truly defining features on the car that I love are the bonnet or 'hood' vents, which help give the car an aggressive look, the rear wing and the exhausts.

This really was a great car and for sure will be a future classic. So next time you see someone wearing a flat cap and tracksuits whilst driving one of these, forget them, embrace the car for what it is and think god bless America.

In the market for one?

These cars have held their value extremely well in today's market. As such you can get them starting from around £16,000 pounds for one with 60 to 70k miles on the clock or right the way up to £25,000 pounds if you want one in mint condition.

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Comments (3)

  • I would love a ride in one. Great article guys!

      2 years ago
  • Driven a few cars over the years but not many haven given me the pleasure the mk2 gives me

      8 months ago