This Weeks Retro-ish Car Is The BMW Z3 M Coupe

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Right we know what most of you are thinking, that this is just a typical hairdressers car which comes with pointless quad exhaust tips and a BMW badge. However you are so wrong... the Z3 M is one of the most aggressive and brilliant cars that BMW have ever made, the Z3 M came with a the monstrous 3.2 l straight six engine from the E46 M3 which produced 321 bhp, not so hairdresser! The Z3 M was well and truly a mile in front of other competitors on the market at the time such as the MK1 MX5 which is a brilliant car in its own right, or the MK3 Toyota MR2. Although this mighty car is one of the most sort after BMWs to date the Z3 M Coupe had a difficult start to life, with the beautiful car not stealing the hearts of even the most hardcore BMW fans at the time of production between 1998-2002. With only 821 right hand drive models of the earlier S50 variant, produced between 1998-2000, the Z3 M Coupe continued to have a slow and rough start to its life, following this, a S54 variant which managed to squeeze an extra 3 bhp out of the engine, was produced a year later and had even worse sales figures selling only 168 right hand drive models before production was ceased and the plug pulled on the Z3 M Couple. The car was nicknamed a hearse or likened to a clown shoe, with the car generally being frowned upon by the motoring world.

However much like a fine wine or a world renowned painting it takes time and maybe a few steps back to really appreciate the value and utter brilliance of the Z3 M Coupe, after a few years the Z3 M had grown from the once shunned ugly duckling into the desirable elegant swan. In today age its squat and strangely alluring design means you cant take your eyes off it.

In the market for one?

The Z3 M Coupe has gone on to achieve cult status in the motoring world with every BMW fan boy left drooling over the thought of owning one, nonetheless due to its slow start in life as previously mentioned, getting your hands on an original and well cared for right hand drive model is like finding a perfect diamond, its only going to happen once in a life time if you look hard enough. The Z3 M will set you back around £35,000 for a decent condition S50 variant and you'll be looking at least £50,000 for the much rarer and much more desired S54 variant. With a quick browse around the internet you'll find a few Z3 M Coupe's for sale with around 50,000 miles on the clock. If you are an extreme car collector this is a must have, however the price for this magnificent cars has more than likely peaked and without a serious turn of events won't reach the utterly ridiculous price ranges of cars such as the Ford Sierra RS500.

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The Z3 M Coupe a cult classic or does it still remain as an overpriced clown shoe let us know by scoring the Z3 M out of 5!

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In my opinion the Z3 M Coupe is one of the greatest cars BMW has ever produced, will this cult classic ever be topped let us know in the comments below, and let us know you're memories of this classic car.

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