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Hyundai's all new ioniq comes in 3 flavours - all of them electric

4y ago

With 130 miles range I wondered how it would arrive from down South - The photo above bears the answer. So far with just 20 electric miles under my belt, I have to say I'm impressed. The dashboard is basically a giant toy box of gadgets including clever satnav, lane assist, active cruise and LCD displays. The local hunt had been out today so the roads in and out of the village were muddy as well as damp but the Ioniq appears to offer good grip and traction. It also offers a surprisingly engaging drive - It's not as quick as the long termer, the 2017 BMW i3 94Ah, but it it's not slouch either. Given the realistic price tag, decent posted range, and its 5 door/5 seat practicality, really interested to see how it fairs over the rest of the week until it goes back.

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