This widebody Porsche Cayman is just something else

Phenomenally conspicuous, especially at the rear

37w ago

To say that this Porsche Cayman by Pandem is conspicuous is an understatement. It's equipped with an incredibly brash body kit - especially when you look at it from the rear - that redefines the meaning of extreme.

They've painted the car Battleship Grey and then they've given it a comprehensive body kit with a new front bumper and lip, a new front grille, new front fenders and massive wheel arches, new side skirts and a very, very wide rear bumper with an equally prominent ducktail spoiler.

Ah yes, there's also a GT-style wing if you want it. To top if all off, Pandem has also fitted air suspension, which explains the stance, and Forgestar M14 lightweight wheels, with low-profile tyres, of course.

The body kit is relatively affordable, coming in with a $3,940 price tag (GT-style wing not included). To be honest, I'm not sure why anyone would do this to a perfectly usable Cayman but I know that some people like this sort of thing so I guess for those who like OTT tuning and mods, this body kit's perfect.

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Comments (25)

  • Taken something German and made it look Japanese. Made it look cheap and tacky. Opinions will vary.

      8 months ago
  • I’m a fan of wide arch kits but I just don’t like the bolted on look. Prefer it when they are moulded in and look like they are meant to be there

      8 months ago

      8 months ago
  • Without the giant rear wing, it looks almost unfinished. With the wing - it's a proper track weapon ❀️

      8 months ago
  • Some body kits look like they belong. This one looks like something that got bolted on in a hurry and does not even fit. What a waste of money, car and effort.

      8 months ago