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This will be the very first Ferrari Roma sold in North America

And of course, all proceeds go to a great cause.

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If you look deep within the innards of Ferrari and their message, you will find that one nail they love to hit on the head is one of beauty. Sure, not all of their cars are pretty and in some cases, not even that good looking in general, but every now and again, their message is heard loud and clear.

Now Ferrari's front-engined GT cars and monstrously powerful supercars have been respectable, but never properly pretty. However, with the all-new Roma, things are exeedingly different.

I don't say it's pretty because others say it's pretty. I say it's pretty because it is.

I don't say it's pretty because others say it's pretty. I say it's pretty because it is.

Typical cars of the modern day are either really boring or as choppy as a paper snowflake. In fact, even most Ferraris being built right now fall as victim to the idea of function over form. Obviously, looks really aren't an important factor in what makes a car a car, but nevertheless, not everyone wants a flashy "look at me" supercar. Those of us with taste, want this. Something subtle, sleek, sheeny, and of course, nothing near the word showy.

Naturally though, since this is a Ferrari and since it is basically a brand new car, there is a lot more than what meets the eye.

That right there is nothing shy of an all-new twin-turbocharged V8 with a healthy capacity of 3.9 liters. As it sits in front of you instead of behind, it cannot be regarded as anything less than a proper Ferrari. Similarly, since there are a few tightly strapped turbochargers and an engine with four cylinders on each side, 0-62 comes in a very subtle 3.4 seconds, and overall can jet you to just shy of 200 miles per hour. And yes, some of you might be shocked at how "low" these numbers may be, but let me remind you that it's hard to go 200 miles per hour without loosing your license and spending some time getting to know those with teardrop tattoos and condescending smirks.

It's just nice.

It's just nice.

Likely, you will not see as stick poking out of the floor with the designated purpose of changing gears and having fun, but rather, plus and minus signs on either side of the steering wheel. Either way, you just look once at this spectacle of automotive design and can't help but think of driving it around the Mediterranean or on any coast road.

The new Roma may still an enigma to most, as production has only just recently started. It is hard to say exactly what it will be like, what it will be truly good for, and if it will be good at all. So it's best we find out.

Later this month, the ever so glorious and distinguished RM Sotheby's auction house will be placing this, the first ever 2021 Ferrari Roma to ever sell in the New World, in a single-lot online auction.

For once you will not second-guess yourself after buying a $350,000 Ferrari thanks to a little bit of charity work. All money raised when bidding opens will go directly to the Save the Children fund, a charity that recently celebrated it's centennial birthday in 2019, and is now working alongside Ferrari and RM Sotheby's in order to raise money for disaster, economic, and educational relief for children in need.

All in all, it is important to note that the car that you are looking at is not the exact car that will be on offer later this month, but rather, one built to exact specifications. Due to how recently developed the Roma is, the hopefully magnificent grand tourer is still being built over in Italy. And since this is strictly a North American sale, only those who live in North America are allowed to participate in bidding. Sorry, everyone else...

Now here comes the drool...

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Comments (16)

  • I haven't seen one in person yet, but it really does look like they finally took a page from their Pininfarina past and did something great with it. Look at the side view; the headlight scoop (well, there's no scoop but the headlight 'carves' a shape out of the forward quarter panel). Tell me that's not a familiar shape - updated, but familiar. Love it. Don't car how fast it goes to 100 kph, don't care if I can do 1g on the skid pad. I would like to fit my golf clubs in the back ...

      22 days ago
    • Same here! It’s form over function, not meant to break any records, doesn’t have too much power (likely around 500-600) and again, it just looks stunning!

        22 days ago
  • 😯

      22 days ago
  • Sorry has Aston Martin not taken them to court yet over some copyright there?

      19 days ago
  • This is the first ferrari design ive liked since the 360

      19 days ago
  • I like the change but I'm not sure if I like the back. We really need more classy cars with everything being overly aggressive.

      21 days ago
    • If there was any area I would question based on looks, it would definitely be the back. But it certainly isn’t “ugly”

        21 days ago
    • Does it match the rest of the car? There are a few cars today where the front and back seem like they were designed separately. I really don't like the F Type refresh. The front is good and the back is good but they are not good together.

        21 days ago


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