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This Zonda Revolucion Is The Coolest Art Piece Ever!

1y ago


By Nitish Deshpande

Automobile collectors and enthusiasts have a weird fetish when it comes to collecting art pieces. From old school gas station pumps to hot wheels cars, anything that has a relation to cars can appeal to us petrolheads. But this new art piece belonging to @pperez towers over all those collectibles!

Image Credit: @pperez on Instagram

Pablo Perez who is known for racing and driving skills is also an avid Pagani fan and collector. He owns a stunning Huayra BC and Zonda Revolucion and now it seems he has added another Pagani to his collection. Previously thought to be a road legal Zonda Revo, this all black masterpiece turned out to be a full size carbon fibre art piece. In this picture posted by Pablo, the Zonda Revolucion which is suspended sideways with the help of two mounts takes the centre stage in the living room.

All I can say is, move over Leonardo Da Vinci because Horacio Pagani has delivered the coolest art piece ever!