- The beautiful Boeing for our Primer Ministro


I guess the livery on this VVIP Boeing 777-300 ER is plain yet elegant!!

19w ago

It seems odd initially, but the very first article that I wrote was titled "EL PRESIDENTE SHELVES PLANS TO PURCHASE BRAND NEW S600 PULLMAN GUARD " for the fact that they didn't want to cough up more money on a brand new limousine.

I always felt that the limos won't make a dent(come on 10 crores bas!!) & now here we are after so long, in a time where we don't care about the covid cases count(atleast I have now given up on it, earlier I followed the numbers like I was watching a cricket match), in a time where everyone's stuck on their laptops/phones. Well the plane costs a cool ₹4000 crores and two of them have been ordered. Yes, that means ₹8000 crores.

The aircraft has Bharat and India written over it, besides the Ashoka emblem.

The aircraft has Bharat and India written over it, besides the Ashoka emblem.

Cutting everything, the plane is a beauty equipped with every latest tech in order to save our top ministers from any attacks. The new aircraft can fly over 17 hours continuously without refuelling. The aircraft, has its own missile defence system, called the Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures (LAIRCM) and Self-Protection Suites (SPS) besides state-of-the-art communication system, will be operated by the Indian Air Force (IAF).

Now the interiors which are probably more luxurious than 5 star hotels(I won't even dare to say more luxurious than my house :p). Here are some pics to drool upon

Previous planes were operated by Air India itself and could venture in the air for a max of 10 hours without refuelling.

Thanks for reading the post. Now please buy that limousine ASAP so that we can write an article on it!!!

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Comments (6)

  • I like it,it looks elegant.

      4 months ago
  • Lolita express is better.

      4 months ago
  • may be the photos is not doing justice. I agree being simple is much better. but india is a vibrant country full of colors. why our planes have to look bland. it only says india not air india..

    the other thing is if air india has to compete in airline business, being vibrant & fresh looking is very good for business. there are many cars in this world that never received much attention or in sales due to, lack of color options & advertising like chevy ss never got much attention like Camaro or corvette. which is very crucial to airlines industry.

      4 months ago
  • What aircraft is it?

      4 months ago
    • OMG!! I am so sorry, I didn't mention the name. It is a Boeing 777-300ER. Thanks for reading man!!

        4 months ago