Thor Ragnarok's Automotive Easter Egg

In a blink and you miss it moment the latest installation of Thor pays homage to an Australian Auto Manufacturer.

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Just to get this out of the way, the following post contains potential spoilers for Thor Ragnarok. You have been warned. We good? Excellent!

In one of the escape from Sakaar scenes Thor and Loki are looking to steal the Grandmaster's ship in order to take it through a gigantic worm hole. This worm hole is no joke as it is aptly named "The Devil's Anus". In order to make use of it and return to the besieged Asgard our hero's needed a special ship. So naturally they decided to steal a ship belonging to the planet's ruler a.k.a. The Grandmaster. The ship in question is called the Commodore and is on the short list of ships tough enough to make it through the "Devil's Anus". And no, I am not writing this to be as dirty as possible, this is actually what the giant fold in space that allows for the travel of vast distances in a short amount of time is actually called (Because Comics).

The name Commodore by itself means nothing. It is a name that sounds stately enough for the regal leader of Sakaar. It is worth noting that the Commodore is not a warship, rather a pleasure ship that transports The Grandmaster around while also indulging his pursuits of the flesh. The ship is still tough because who wants a pleasure ship that has to stop at every Devil's Anus they come across?

To us car types the name Commodore sets off a special alarm. The Commodore is the badass V8 sedan that us Americans call the SS. It is used in Australia's V8 Supercar series and it is all around fantastic machine.

If you thought the name was a coincidence you'd be wrong. The other ships in this space garage are also named after famous models that at one time called Holden Home. If you aren't up to date on your Australian auto manufacturers, Holden is the Australian arm of GM. The film's star Chris Hemsworth is Australian and Director (Taika Waititi) hails from New Zealand so it would make sense to include a subtle nod to Holden in the film. As of last month Holden no longer produces cars in Australia, which makes this a somewhat touching tribute. As touching as a tiny Easter egg can be when in a gynormous superhero film.

The other ships are called the Statesman, Kingswood and Torana. All models Holden produced in their gloriously Australian history.

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Comments (5)

  • Very easy to miss but a couple of others could have been mentioned as the Sandman and Monaro. for the Kingswood pic the hq series is more iconic

      3 years ago
  • SANDMAN!!!! Hide ur daughters!!!!!

      3 years ago
  • Cant believe there wasnt a monaro. Most famous holden model of all !! Makes me think that they are just try hards

      3 years ago
  • Pity they don't have a large ship named Belmont. Or do they?

      3 years ago