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  • Oh and it's a 2001 fiesta.

      4 years ago
  • It's the very same car at its base. We had a few of them over here too!

    As for VW, the Golf is a brilliant bit of kit. I got to the point where I needed something that was comfy and a better compromise car. The Clio was too bumpy and loud for the daily commute, this does the job perfectly.

      4 years ago
  • All awesome cars...the Mk5 Fiesta looks (from this side shot) remarkably similar to the Mazda 323 we used to have here in the states (I'm sure that was long before your Fiesta...what year was that one anyway?). I've never owned a VW...though I've gotten close a couple times. I've heard the electronics are iffy after 100-120,000 miles.

      4 years ago