With the latest model of Subaru's (and Toyota's) rear-wheel drive sports coupe finally unveiled, it got me curious on what you guys think about it.

14w ago

Ah, yes. The Toyota and Subaru duo we all have been a fan of since it's launch back in 2013, finally gets an all-new look for 2021. While styling was never been the main focus of the car (since it's basically overlooked with it's function as a lightweight, fun, and affordable sports car), personally I'd find it refreshing and in the same time, striking.

At the front, it seems that the designer has taken a page out of the Corvette's design book, since I find the looks quite similar. The big mouth appearance itself has been a feature that differentiate the BRZ from it's twin, the Toyota 86.

While at the back, you can sense some inspiration from the Honda NSX, particularly with the tail lights design. Exterior wise, I quite like this change.

Interior wise, not much difference than the previous model, but a change that can be easily spotted is the new infotainment size and layout.

Overall, I quite like the changes they've made with the BRZ. Most newly-designed cars these days are "an acquired taste" (I'm looking at you, BMW), but this time it's easier for me to accept the changes.

Let me know what you think in the poll and comment sections down below!

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