Thoughts on "the American"

      Replacing the last iconic, faceless driver american?

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      So let me start this off by saying that I for one loved the driver on "the old show" as his lack of a personality made for countless jokes and an ability to focus on the amazing cars that were being driven. It seems however that the Grand Tour decided to take a 180 on selecting their new driver as "The American" made his debut.

      Being that I have nothing against the driver himself, I will not go into detail about his name or background, but the character which he has been asked to play seems to be a bit forced. Sure he is an excellent driver, even in the right turns, but his constant "redneck" rhetoric and belief that all non-American cars are Communist is a bit annoying to say the least. Being an American myself, I can tell you that they chose the most annoying of us to emulate with this character.

      What do you think of "The American"?

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