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A mirrored image of the show?

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The Grand Tour Game was announced earlier this year and will be developed by non other than Amazon Game Studios, the company behind the game.

The game is set to coincide with the release of the third series of the show and will feature a multiplayer mode and places that the presenters have visited in the show itself (you can see a trailer for the game below). which means each week you (the player) will be able to visit the exotic places in the game that the presenters have visited on the show.


What platforms will the game be available on at launch?

as of this moment the game is only going to be available on the PS4 and X-box one Platforms and will only be available to purchase by those in the UK as of current moment. it is unknown whether the game will become available globally at a later date.

Seamless Transitions

EDIT (Taken from Grand Tour Game YouTube Channel Description)

The Grand Tour Game takes you seamlessly between watching the show and then taking part in it – no loading, no buffering – you’re straight into the hot seat as Clarkson, Hammond or May. Watch as May struggles to work out the difference between reality and the game in the first of our sneak-peeks at the game…


for more information on the game visit the links below


The Grand Tour Game YouTube Channel


The Grand Tour Game is expected to launch later this year.

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