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Thousands of Volkswagen ID.3s are stored at the Zwickau airport

There are ID.3s as far as the eye can see

15w ago


Volkswagen is currently experiencing a real adventure with the launch of its mass-market electric car, the ID.3. Indeed, the German brand is determined to keep to its schedule and promises the first deliveries to customers this summer. After software problems to be solved, Volkswagen is now facing the Coronavirus outbreak.

More than 20,000 units have already been produced and left the assembly lines without the right software. They were then stored in car parks to be updated. Unfortunately, vehicles are accumulating and some areas are now receiving thousands of ID.3s, such as the Zwickau airport.

These cars are currently blocked and cannot be taken care of due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Nextmove takes us on a guided tour (in German) of this unusual location where about 6,000 ID.3s are stored, all with the ID.3 1st launch series.

Rumour has it that Volkswagen is already building another temporary car park near the Emden plant where the Passat is produced. The German brand does not want to be overwhelmed as this plant will host a large part of the production of the ID.3 in the coming years.


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Comments (3)

  • Imagine that only 30 years ago Trabants stood there - cars assembled by hand and hammer.

      3 months ago
  • If they where 911's I would be stoked!!

      3 months ago
  • I gather they had a software glitch that hadn't been solved and then production exceeded development. Mechanically, Volkswagen has no known problems and that they now are so keen to reestablish their reputation after the Dieselgate scandal, by getting things right first time, is a big plus to them. Battery supply seems to be something of a bottleneck, with every new player in the field not knowing how many they need to order in advance (thus being charged extra for lesser quantities and not wanting to buy too many in case the cars don't sell or new technology overtakes their existing battery orders.) Battery manufacturers are investing very heavily in setting up new factories to supply the perceived demand as we speak. All eyes are on Tesla to see how the future will pan out once it becomes more apparent the direction it will take as they lead the way (in every way possible.) Conventional ICE manufacture is SO different from EV manufacture, that in order to make a decent profit, most current factories will need retooling and financial restructuring. Boards have some big decisions to make and very quickly. I can see a lot of top bosses' heads rolling if they don't get it right!

      3 months ago