Three Bugatti Divos join forces in $18 million Californian show

What a display!

4d ago

Three Bugattis of any variant is special, but to see three Divos in a row is a very rare ordeal. Bugatti will be making just 40 examples of the Divo, four of which have been ordered by the dealership in Beverly Hills.

In order to show off what they've got, the dealership got together three of them to cruise around 'The Thermal Club’, in Palm Desert, California, before being delivered to their owners.

The Divo has a whopping starting price of nearly $6 million, which means that the hypercars you see here have a combined total worth of around $18 million.

Have you seen anything like this before?

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Comments (2)

  • woah

      3 days ago
  • Closest I got to seeing something like this was seeing four Veyrons racing back and forth during an event in my home town.

      3 days ago