Three cheap Casio digital retro watches that tick a lot of boxes.

Watches need not be expensive to be fun, desirable, useful and iconic. Casio has a great line of retro digital watches for people to enjoy.

7w ago

I am a big fan of watches. Would never consider myself an expert, or even a very good collector. For me watches are a fun. I very much enjoy iconic design and interesting stories from history. As a child of the 80s/90s there is a certain appeal to retro items of that era. For me one of the first watches that comes to mind is Casio. They have a rich history and seem to offer a vast array of appealing products for very little money.

Sure I lust after a Rolex Sub, but do I so 1000 times more then some Casio? Nope, I just do not. Call me a Hipster but I also like that this era of watch complements the era of motorcycles in my garage. Check out some of my posts covering the service, restoration and riding of them.

First up is the CA-53W, the famous calculator watch. How much more fun can you have for $20? I can not tell you how many people notice the watch when I am out. It is just hilarious.

Next is the A-168. I prefer this to the A158 for the upgraded backlight. I wear this watch the most out of any I own. There is no fear of damaging it. Zero portentousness.

Finally the Databank 611 in gold. Figured the gold just reeked of 90s craziness.

For less then $100 you can have three brand new watches. No need to hunt down vintage examples or struggle to have watches serviced. Just simple wear them and enjoy. Casio ironically is still producing these "retro" watches. I put it in quotes because they never stopped making some models, it just so happens that recently there has been an increased interest in this era.

Can not claim to have ever used some of the calculator or data storage features. Other then childishly typing out 5318008 on the screens.....

Anyone else proud of their cheap watches? What other models do you enjoy?

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Comments (18)

  • Casio watches and calculators were an integral part of my childhood, back in the 70s/80s. I’ve actually owned all three models shown, they’re ubiquitous in Asia as “my first watch for school”.

      1 month ago
  • I always think of Dwight Schrute with the calculator watch!

      1 month ago
  • the gold Databank is my favourite

      1 month ago
  • hands up if you own one of these! @tribe

      1 month ago
  • Nice collection.

    Those old skool Casio watches bring back memories, there was a “Saxon” watch store in my home village, they mainly carried their own brand, but they always had a nice selection of Casio watches.

    I could not pass by without taking a peek in the window.

    Owned the databank watch , the infrared control watch, and some other watches I forgot about,

    my dad had a solar Casio.

    Still like them, pure nostalgia.

      1 month ago