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Three classic load carriers to complete your life

All of these classics are ready to literally pick up your life and hit the road (sort of)

4y ago

Modern cars are convenient and practical for carrying pretty much anything that you need in your life. With the exception being the Nissan Juke as it’s neither practical nor nice to look at meaning you'd rather stay at home. But what if you don’t want a modern car to haul all you’re the crap in your life? Can a classic really be as practical?

After many minutes of searching, I have found three stunning classic cars that could well fill that load lugging hole in your life, even if one of them is a bit of a (read as massive) stretch.

1969 Citroen DS 20 Wagon



This 1969 Citroen DS 20 Wagon could be the French wagon of your dreams, assuming that your dreams include two-tone paint and a column shift four-speed manual gearbox.

Having only had two owners in its near 50 years of roaming the planet in style, this DS 20 has undergone a full restoration over an 11-month period which included a full re-paint, interior refresh and rebuilt hydraulic spheres.

Power comes from a 1985cc four-cylinder with mated to a column mounted four-speed gearbox, it also has one of the greatest pieces of design ever in the form of that single spoke steering wheel.

The main reason for the want is a simple one, just look at it. The DS is one of those cars that is just stunning from pretty much every angle, as an ultra-rare wagon it just becomes even more appealing.

At the time of writing bidding on this DS 20 is up to $14,000. The auction can be found here.

1969 Porsche 912 5-Speed



I’ll admit that this one is a real stretch as a load lugger unless you only want to carry surfboards that is. If not, I highly recommend you take up surfing immediately as never has an Irish Green Porsche looked so right as a daily surfboard carrier.

This entry-level 912 was discovered by the seller after 18 years of being hidden in a barn. After a three-year-plus restoration including a bare metal repaint and the fitting of that stunning brand new tartan plaid interior and a rebuild of the 1.6-litre flat-four motor, it’s ready to be the Stuttgart load lugger you’ve always yearned for.

The combination of Irish Green paint, chromed wheels and that tartan plaid interior has to be the only combo you should ever want in your life. Yes, it is a massive leap as a daily load mover, but can you think of any other car that can move surfboards around in such style? No, neither can I.....

At the time of writing the auction for this 912 ended at $52,500 without meeting its reserve.

The listing can be found here.

1983 Suzuki Mighty Boy



Now for what could be the most ironic named car of all time, the Suzuki Mighty Boy pickup truck. Virtually unseen outside Japan, the Mighty Boy is one of very few Kei-class pickup trucks ever made.

Power comes from the Kei-regulated 543cc triple-cylinder motor with power going to the front wheels via a five-speed manual box. With around 60hp when it rolled out of the factory, don’t expect it to be quick.

What you can expect though is fairly nimble performance thanks to a kerb weight of 520kg, the oddest thing about this figure is that the payload rating is 350kg. Meaning that this tiny pickup can carry more than two-thirds of its own weight, albeit very slowly.

autolink.com - dogs not included in the sale

autolink.com - dogs not included in the sale

Irrespective of the lack of weight and power, the Mighty Boy looks like massive fun while actually being a somewhere capable mover of things. This example has suffered a few mods that can only be described as ‘s**t’ such as that dark purple paint and those awful split rims.

For £3,000 though, it could easily be tidied up with some work to be the tiny Japanese load hauler you never knew was missing from your life.

You can ‘pick up’ this Mighty Boy here.

Which of these classic load carriers would be your choice? Let us know in the comments or join us in #classics live chat.

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  • My dad used to have that Citroen. Such an awesome car.

      4 years ago
  • Volvo 240, how could you forget that?

      4 years ago
    • Because I couldn’t locate a good one for sale at the time of writing, also Volvo 240 while a great car is a very obvious choice. These are not.....

        4 years ago
  • Never knew about the Mighty Boy.

      4 years ago