Three crazy liveries for the Porsche Taycan

917-001, 917 KH or the 'Pink Pig'

33w ago

A couple of weeks ago I got a text from Centro Porsche Firenze and they said I should head to Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence because "you gotta see these new liveries for the Taycan". So I went. And found this.

Porsche Italia has been keeping busy over the last few weeks with the Porsche On Board tour for kitesurfers and hydrofoil surf enthusiasts and they've also been touring the country with three special edition versions of the Taycan designed to celebrate three Le Mans race cars.

First up, we have the 917-001 Taycan. The chassis no #001 917 was designed by Hans Mezger two days before the 1969 Geneva Motora Show and a few months later, Porsche had (barely) managed to build the 25 units it need to enter the race. Fun fact: chassis number 001 never actually raced.

Moving on we find the 917 KH. This is a very special design for the brand because it was the first Porsche to win Le Mans. In 1970, Porsche dominated Le Mans and placed three cars on the podium. The 917 KH with race number 23 won the race with Hans Herrmann and Richard Attwood at the wheel, followed by Gérard Larrousse and Willy Kauhsen at the wheel of a 917 Martini, with Rudi Lins and Helmut Marko in third place with the 908/02.

And then of course there's the 917/20, or 'Pink Pig' as they call it. The 917/20 was specifically designed to bring all the aerodynamic advantages of a long tail car with the maneuverability of a short tail car. And it was painted pink because why not. The 917/20 was never successful but it unsurprisingly became an icon. I guess we can all see why.

The Taycan Tour is still on, if you happen to find yourself in Italy in the next few weeks, you can drive the 571-hp Taycan 4S Performance Plus or even the 761-hp Taycan Turbo S.

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  • Saw an all green Taycan the other day, must say the car looks mega on the road. That Pig livery would be epic!

      7 months ago
  • I'll have a PINK PIG Taycan, what's your pick? @tribe

      7 months ago
  • Heritage liveries, love them!

      7 months ago
  • They should have done one in the purple 'n' green Hippy 917 livery!

      7 months ago

      7 months ago