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The Land Cruiser is here for another generation, thank god

3w ago

I have been a massive fan of large SUVs ever since I can remember. It is a difficult romance to hold on to, when the global authorities and eco 'activists' are fast cracking down on their breed, and basically the automobile we are familiar with. And guess they are correct; these cars need to have a bowser strapped onto their back, occupy more than half of the road and are incredibly painful to park. Yet, there is an aura of unspeakable character about these behemoths, that keep drawing people to them (unless you live in the Middle East, where you are literally glued to them).

The Land Cruiser nameplate has been synonymous with gargantuan SUVs since the inception of the LC80 back in the '90s. The LC100 and 200 well and truly upheld the reputation, and thankfully Toyota decided to lease another life to the iconic name. Hopefully they would never mess with that badge, unlike the rumored metamorphosis of the Crown. The 300 does away with the trademark V8 powerplant (they were known as Land Cruiser V8 in some markets, and in our country, it was given the nickname V8) and brings in a twin turbo V6 in its place. However, if we go by the promotional videos from Toyota, literally nothing has been lost in the process.

200 + (200 + 100)

200 + (200 + 100)

The looks are always going to be questioned. IMO the front is somewhat tolerable (I know it will be highly subjective) but what irks me is the rear quarter panel. It looks vastly different from the outgoing 200 and feels somewhat out of place.

The upright rear quarter of the 300 feels way different from the 200 than it actually is.

The upright rear quarter of the 300 feels way different from the 200 than it actually is.

However, the bigger news for the 300 series is the launch of GR Sport version. With the front TOYOTA badging clearly digging into the old Cruiser roots and a much better executed front, the GR Sport also packs a punch for itself. If only Toyota also did a color sample for the GR Sport. God knows how much it will cost in resale markets though.

(The video from official Land Cruiser channel has English subtitles)

This is one of the models that I literally have in the 1:64 wishlist. With a potential release from Hobby Japan spied in the Hong Kong Toy Fair booth, it will be a matter of time before model makers start polishing their molds for the 300. Going by the experience up to now, it will be an eternity before it hits the stores though. Hopefully there will be one soon for the GR Sport!

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Comments (2)

  • Yo where can I get this kind of model?

      22 days ago
  • I’m a big fan of the Landcruiser, but this new model looks all wrong.

    The grill has taken over the front of the car and looks awful. The back just looks wrong, like it’s on the wrong vehicle.

    It will still be a fantastic car, just looks a bit crap

      23 days ago