- HQ Racing WA July Race Meet - (L-R) Robert Roelofs, Chris Ainscough and Steve West - Three Wide through Turn 1 at Barbagallo Raceway, Western Australia

Three Metal Giants in One Corner

Bare with me.

This is going to be a little long winded, but I think I need to set the tone for just how tired I was and how I ended up in the position I did by the time this photo was taken!

Leading up to the Western Australian Sporting Car Club's July Meet, I received a call asking if I would do photography of a private test session that was happening the day before. I jumped at the opportunity and ended up at Barbagallo Raceway at 2pm on Friday afternoon, with plans to stay through until 10pm for the evening Roll Racing event as well. I originally was going to go home, have a snooze and then go to the track for 5pm.

After getting through the session and doing some very quick editing to meet publication deadline, I stuck around for the Roll Racing event getting home to do the editing of those photos and finally hitting the snooze button in my head about 2am in the morning.

I headed off to Barbagallo at 7am for the start of a two day race meet and had a main focus on one particular category which was the F1000's as V8 driver Nick Percat was racing in the open wheeler category for the weekend. I did my usual 5 or 6kms around the track walking.

Towards about the end of the day I was shattered. My head was getting foggy, all the limbs were feeling heavier I knew I needed a rest. The HQs were racing next and I had already captured some great shots of them so I decided that now would be the time to have a quick stretch out in the nice warm sun in Turn 1 (behind the safety of the fence).. Laying on my back I could still watch the race and hear all the commentary.

I heard the commentators getting pretty excited that three drivers Roelofs, Ainscough and West were coming down down the main straight three wide. Having watched these guys racing a fair bit, I knew that none of them would probably want to give up the corner. So while still laying down, I grabbed the camera, awkwardly held it and focused into turn 1 and hit the shutter button. I looked at the result and I will admit I had a massive smile on my face...

There it was. Door to door, bumper to bumper, paint scraping, body rolling, no quit from 3 drivers going 3 wide through Turn 1. I grabbed this frame of the 10 captured off the camera and without much thought to editing it to clean it up a bit, I just bumped the exposure up and posted it on Instagram and Facebook. When I finally did see the originally posted photo on a computer I cringed a bit, not my usual style but oh well.

I won't go into the stats but damn after all the sharing, tagging, etc of that photo, if every person who viewed that photo bought a copy for $1, I'd have a shelf full of Canon 1DX Mark IIs right now!

Now if only I could get shots like this every time out!

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