Three mistakes car enthusiasts make when visiting Japan.

These are the top 3.

5w ago

I've done some research in anticipation for when I get to visit Japan. While doing this research I found that these are the top 3 mistakes car enthusiast's make when visiting Japan.

1. Your trip isn't based around an automotive event.

Make sure that a big event is taking place while you’re in Japan it will guarantee that you’re going to see some awesome cars during your trip. Big events will not only give you the chance to see some awesome cars in the flesh and get some great photos, but also meet people and hopefully make some friends too. Do some research on line about Japanese car events you are sure to find lots of information on line like dates, venues etc.

2. Not learning some basic Japanese.

Did you know that most Japanese people don’t speak any English at all? Because of this, I’m in the process of learning some basic Japanese by doing a basic Japanese language course on line. Different learning techniques work differently for each person, but personally I swear by writing down everything that I’ve learnt, it seems to work for me.

3. Not doing your homework first.

You can’t just hop off the plane and expect a fleet of modified Mazdas and Nissans to just fall in your lap, it doesn’t quite work like that! If you’re reading this then you’re obviously already at least mildly interested in Japanese culture, so really think about the type of things you want to do and see in Japan. Make a list, car shows, tracks or temples make a list and do some research.

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  • I went to Tokyo once, but sadly it was a changeover so I didn't get out of the airport

      1 month ago
  • I did all three plus I had an interpreter

      1 month ago