- Car art inspired books and websites are out there for anyone who wants to sketch, featuring some incredibly talented artists.

Three Places to Get Inspired to Draw Cars

Need some more drawing inspiration? Here are some places to get ideas for drawing cars, planes and more.

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A few weeks ago, I talked about some of the car-loving comics that make me want to bust out the sketch book and just draw, and decided to give you all a little more inspiration for you own artistic yens by introducing you to three places to go to find artists who have made drawing cars, planes and more their forte.

Artist George Trosley

Find Trosley's work on the pages of CarToons or in his own "How to Draw" books.

Find Trosley's work on the pages of CarToons or in his own "How to Draw" books.

I have mentioned CarTOONS Magazine in several past posts, and if you have been able to pick one up you have noticed one constant: the "How to Draw" section from George Trosley. Trosley, has been part of the CarTOONS world since he became a contributor in the early 1970s, and has been cartooning cars for more than 40 years. His comic strip "Krass and Bernie" also ran later in Car Craft. He has also published his own books on How to Draw Cars,"many featuring a collection of his CarToons contributing tutorials.

Follow his work in Instagram at @georgetrosley.

And speaking of Instagram here's a lesser known artist I ran across on this platform.

"The Sketch Garage"

A peek at the sleek Instagram site for "The Sketch Garage."

A peek at the sleek Instagram site for "The Sketch Garage."

This artist of stylized toon cars, is more interested in letting their work speak for themselves rather than "toot their own horn" as it were. The artist goes by "Nel" and is based in Spain if my Instagram deducing skills are in tact, and has drawn everything from logos to personal car portraits. I'm using the vague pronouns, because I have yet seen the face behind the sketches. No matter, though, as it is these fantastically fun cars you will want to see, follow and be inspired by.

Give a follow on Instagram or on Facebook at The Sketch Garage.

The "Box Top" Painters

Some impressive covers for Revell and AMT model kits.

Some impressive covers for Revell and AMT model kits.

If you have seen the classic, elaborate paintings on the boxes of car, battleship, and plane model kits, these lovingly designed boxes have helped win over customers for decades for companies like AMT (Aluminum Model Toys), MPC (Model Products Corporation), Hasegawa, Revell and more. Car and plane model box lids are one of those underappreciated art forms outside a few collector circles. Some models feature photos of the model, but others give a full-on painting to show the model in an action or war movie like setting. Some artists signed their work to stand out, and others remained anonymous with only the cool images speaking for themselves. One artist Larry Champine drew himself in the paintings a couple of times, and others working today like Jerry Boucher are also seen on on many magazine and book covers. Even if you don't enjoy model building, you have to appreciate some of these covers.

Check out some impressive work by Jerry Boucher at his Virtual Aircraft Website or check out several artists' work at BoxArtDen.com.

Happy sketching, and even if you have no interest to pick up a pencil, pen or stylus, you will still appreciate taking a look as some of these artists who do.

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