Three tips to car spotting.

Basic ways to help you find cars around london.

4y ago

If you're looking at this tribe wondering what on earth car spotting is, you're not in to cars enough. Car spotting is a great way to see and find cars that people would normally never get to see in there life. I'm here to help you find your way and get the best possible pictures as possible to share with the tribe as well as it being very easy for you tourists or first time spotters. Many of London’s supercars are shipped from Saudi Arabia on luxury boats or even planes. Owners are headed to England for the summer as it's too hot in there country for them.

Location, this is key to any car spotting experience. You're not going to be very lucky finding a Lamborghini in your local Asda car park (Although it can happen). The best place for anyone to go in the UK is London. London is such a massive area so you need to know the best part. Knightsbrige and Mayfair are great for your first time. They are very small in areas to find cars driving as well as have secret roads and car parks which you can find Paganis' getting detailed (Photo below). If you're new stay around Harrods and Sloane Street. This is where you'll mostly see a lot of spotters and cars that aren't parked. You can also head in to dealerships and see the cars they have in store. I recommend H.R Owen (Kensington, London SW7 3TD), Ferrari (Belgravia, London SW1X 7RL), Audi (Piccadilly, London W1J 8HU), Porsche (Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London W1K 3NA) & Jaguar (18 Berkeley St, London, W1J 8NF)

Equipment, Don't be put off by the snobs that have 100K+ Instagram followers who carry tripods and Canon 5Ds' around because you don't need to have expensive gear. If you have cameras available that's great but don't go and splash the cash on a camera because you can make any photo look good with any phone or camera. People like to think they are better at car spotting because of the cameras they have when realistically they spend hours on Photoshop. I started off on my old iPhone 5s then a iPhone 6 and a Canon 700D and now I use a iPhone 6s+ and a Canon 70D. That was over a three year period, at the same time I was going to car meets and car events such as Goodwood. This means nothing because my simple and basic photos where getting the same attraction because it was all natural and wasn't edited like mad on Photoshop to look unrealistic. My point here is equipment is nothing and when you start off car spotting the photos you're taking wont get many likes so make it what you want to see and to look back on because it's always the future content that's going to get more noticed.

Friends, this will make your experience much more pleasant. Realistically you're not going to see a car every five minutes flooring it up and down Sloane Street so you will get bored, trust me. I don't want to make it sound bad but their are some snobby spotters that are rude towards other people. You just have to take no notice and enjoy what you're doing with your friends or even family. I always went with the same person as we had so much in common often we would make the day fly past with general car chat while hunting for cars. It's not a big deal if you don't have many friends because you'll meet so many spotters that you'll soon be following each-other on social media and walking around to find more cars together. This has happened many times with my experience.

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