Three's company in this £6k triple-seat Murena

2y ago


We're not sure why you'd build a three-seat sports car. Unless it's a McLaren F1: two passenger seats means rattling through those demo rides for friends in half the time.

Maybe there was a huge untapped demand from polygamous communities back in 1983 when this Murena was built.

Or from good Catholic girls whose mothers insisted on coming along as chaperone on dates.

Then again, the Murena was built by French company Matra, who later constructed the Espace for Renault, so maybe they just had an obsession with seats.

The Murena arrived in 1980, a comprehensively updated (and much prettier) version version of the Bagheera, which was the conceptually similar mid-engined sports car the company had launched in 1973.

Critics raved about its handling, but most of the mechanical bits came from Talbot, so it was never at the cutting edge when it came to performance.

Or steering wheel design. Nurse! Get me a Momo Prototipo! Now!

The entry-level engine was an 88hp 8v 1.6 that took 11.8sec to get to 62mph, although a 113hp 2.2 that could do it in 9.3sec was available.

Hottest of the lot was a tweaked 2.2 with 140hp, though its 8.3sec effort was still no quicker than the 1600cc MR2 that arrived in 1984 just as the Murena had gasped its last.

This one for sale on eBay is the basic 1.6 but apparently is the flashier 'Exec' model, so comes with tinted glass, 'leccy windows and alloys.

Originally from Belgium and now living in the UK, it's done just 100,000km (62k miles) and is described as being in excellent condition. And since it consists of a fibreglass shell over a galvanised chassis, rot isn't a problem.

It's pretty, rare and practical, so whether you're a new dad, have a thing for larger ladies, or just like the idea of a quirky French sports car no one has ever heard of, this Murena is definitely worth a look.

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