Thrift Store Trip

It's been a minute since I visited Savers...

I had to be in CT this afternoon, so I made sure to stop in at Savers to see what's on the wall. Savers did not disappoint. I bought a bag of loose cars, above, and a bag of packaged VWs.

Those front three Hot Wheels above are all MINTY Park'n Plates releases, and I mean MINT! I love finding stuff like this but it's sometimes a little sad wondering how they wound up in a thrift store. These aren't played with at all, they look like they were just DLM'd. Death? Divorce? Theft? How'd they come to be in front of me today?

Rounding out the loosies, a couple of whitewall donors from the CARS movie franchise, a '79 HWs Ford F-150, another Majorette Corvette (I attract these cars like bees to pollen), and a 1/37 Shinsei Mini Power Ferrari Dino. Like most Shensei Mini Power survivors it has a split in one of the tires, still displays well.

Bag #2: Some other collector (?) gave up his carded VW collection. Matchbox Premiere Collection VW Concept in a trashed blister, Revell Hot Hatch 60s VW Beetle, and back to Matchbox for the TRU Exclusive Then & Now VW Beetle set.

I unwittingly drove through a bad storm on the way home, which turned out to be a hurricane...with severe weather warning alerts on the radio describing the location and rotation. The center was moving west to east, Dutchess County, NY into Ridgefield County, CT as I was driving east to west and it was pretty interesting there for a while. And of course, because the idiots know better than YOU, they were driving 20 mph in the passing lane with their hazard lights on playing hall monitor. Effing A-Holes!

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Comments (4)

  • I love the revel bug! 1:64 revel diecast is pretty nice.

      23 days ago
  • Nice finds. Especially the Revell bug and Shinsei Ferrari.

      23 days ago
    • Thanks

      That Revell Bug was sure a surprise, 'hidden' between the two MBX packages in the bag.

      The Ferrari will join more of my larger larger scale diecast in a future for-sale/trade-bait post

      Read more
        23 days ago