Throw back from this years Trip Out biker build off as featured in Greasy Kulture Magazine.

Luke Kempton's 1958 FL Panhead Harley Davidson.

" I wanted to recreate my panhead to look as if it was found in a barn.

I love the look of motorcycles when they have been ridden, worn in, loved then put away and untouched for decades and then rediscovered. I think the rust, crust patina and imperfections give soul to a bike and give it a sense of personality or life".

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  • Thanks Ralph, yes come join the dark side!! Although I like cars as well and will have another tribe starting soon for my classic car and hot rod photography!

    2 years ago
  • I've got a feeling this tribe is going to make me want a bike. I'm scared. Looking forward to more posts!

    2 years ago