Throwback to when I test drove some huskies. And a car

It was the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. Yes, the one we love to hate

1y ago

Some days I feel like I do stuff just so I can look back years later and remember. I am deeply in love with nostalgia. I don't know why. I've learnt to actually be present in the moment and enjoy through the year but I'll be honest: these last few months would've been a lot harder with nothing to look forward to as well as memories to look back on.

I'm telling you this because the facelifted version of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross was just unveiled, which naturally made me think about two and half a years ago, when I drove the first Eclipse Cross.

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I was summoned to Courmayeur, at the foot of Mont Blanc, and I made this sort video. As you can see, the car was extremely interesting. And you know this because I've made a 32-second video and the car only appears for six of them.

The dog sleigh thing was cool, though.

Huskies vs Mitsubishi. What's your pick?

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