T​hrustmaster T-GT II PS5 steering wheel unveiled

T​he Thrustmaster T-GT successor designed for Gran Turismo Sport has arrived. Here is what to expect and other useful info.

12w ago

D​espite a pre-release leak spoiling the show somewhat, you may be pleased to know the Thrustmaster T-GT II steering wheel has arrived. You can stop pretending to be surprised now.

The Gran Turismo Sport-friendly wheel is the first officially licensed steering wheel for the unsightly yet powerful PS5 console. Luckily, it also works with the PS4 (and PC) in case you are still battling with scalpers.

J​ust like the Logitech G29/G920 to the G923, the T-GT II is, on paper at least, more of an evolution than revolution. You get T-DCC (real-time drift curve calculation), which is said to improve the responsiveness under all circumstances and make things precise.

A​lso new to the T-GT II is T-RTF, which is nothing to do with the word document rich text format. Instead, it uses an onboard processor to process force feedback calculations. This spares the console from having to do the job, reducing latency and the issue of deadzones.

L​ast of the headline stuff is T-AECQ, which is a reference to the AEC-Q-certified printed circuit boards as used by the automotive industry. While not exactly a riveting addition, it is said to improve longevity and we can all agree that is a positive.

S​tuff borrowed from the T-GT includes the T-40VE (bit of a T-theme going on) linear brushless motor with around 6Nm of torque, T-Lin for proportional force, T-FOC for dynamic and swift requests for torque, T-MCE for cooling and T-Turbo for as much as 400 watts of power.

A​s for the outer bits and bobs, you get a leather-wrapped steering wheel (unless you order the kit without it), metal paddle shifters, two mini joysticks and four rotary selectors for selecting things as you drive along.

W​e also see a return of the external turbo-shaped power supply unit, which looks cool but is quite large and not exactly dinky. Accidentally kick it in the middle of the night and you will know about it.

N​ow, I am merely speculating why Europe gets the full Thrustmaster T-GT II kit on the 23rd of June 2021, while the UK has to wait until the 1st of September. I think it begins with B and ends with rexit.

I​f you happen to live in Canada or North America, you will have to wait until the 5th of October (sorry, October 5), while the "rest of the world" gets to wait until late 2021.

S​o how much is the T-GT II? £699.99, $799.99 or €749.99 for the servo base, wheel and T3PGTII pedals. Yeah, sadly not the lovely T-LCM reviewed here.

Without the pedals, the price is £599.99, $699.99 or €649.99. Just the servo base is £449.99, $549.99 or €499.99, which is not a bad option if you already have a wheel and want to upgrade to better foot pressers.

G​iven that the Fanatec DD is not yet compatible with the PS5, keen Gran Turismo Sport players may be tempted to go the T-GT II route. Even if, sadly, we are still waiting for a new Gran Turismo game.

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Comments (2)

  • Oh my word, i would love to have this

      2 months ago
  • I had the old TGT, my first wheel actually! Rat chewed through the main cable, saw an end to that

      2 months ago