Thunderstorm instead a perfect road home

3y ago

My plan for the day was driving from Edolo to Bernina Pass, Livigno, Kaunertal, Munich, but a very mad thunderstorm with rain and hail crashed my idea. At the end of the day, the car was heavily damaged. We are always talking about our perfect road experiences, but I see very few people sharing their bad experiences. On this day I realized, that driving on unknown roads is not always wonderful and thrilling, you need more to be prepared for the impossible worst case. The day began with a wonderful sunrise in Lovere, I enjoyed a last espresso, and only some kilometers behind Lovere it got gray and rainy. With some other cars we tried to escape the hail and stayed a while under a roofing. I decided to go over Passo Di Tonale to the old Brenner road continue driving to Innsbruck, Achensee and Munich. My day ended very late when finally arriving in Munich, also with a sunrise, but in my mind I still saw high mountains..

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  • What an adventure you had!

    Personally, I never experienced hail on the road. Snowfall and heavy rain - yes, but not hail. Having looked at the pictures, I do not want to experience it ever. Glad you reached Munich safely.

    Offtop question: how was your i30 in the mountains? What engine / breaks do you have?

      3 years ago
    • That's a tricky question I still need to do an review for the press office and anyone is writing it is the safest car, well the car is OK when you don't drive in one week just high mountain passes.. I had the DCT version ( 1.6 CRDi with 7-Gear-, the...

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        3 years ago