Tight Squeezing fitment on a Polo

2y ago


We see some pretty tight fitments on a regular basis but the brake clearance on this polo is something quite impressive. This Polo recently got treated to some of the Grid-V's which have now landed in 5x100 PCD making it an even more accessible wheel to the VAG community. The week they landed James here was on it ordering himself the Grid-V in Flat Gunmetal with a Gloss Black they come in a 16 x 8

not seen the best of days but look at the clearance!

As you can see the Clearance is tight this is with a 3mm spacers without it was a bit too eye watering close.

It's not always about the high roller cars, running the big BHP, sometimes we like to look at the more everyday cars such as this 3 cylinder beauty.

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