Time Attack Evo X

- Stree/track Evo X GSR modded for Time Attack, sitting in the paddock at Atlantic Motorsport Park

What's done to it: intake, intercooler, exhaust, tune, coilovers with (shock) dyno-tuned Ohlin dampers, SS brake lines, and the tires (of course) - Bridgestone RE-71R's. There's a bit of aero too; a gurney flap on the spoiler, dive planes/cunards, and a small splitter. The result? 3rd quickest raw time at the last local Time Attack tournament and the quickest time without proper aero (adjustable splitter and wing). My friend finally agreed to let me drive it on the track "with adult supervision." 😂 **Bonus points if you can guess the car next to it!**

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Comments (3)

  • Nice

      3 years ago
  • Nice Evo wanna see it spit flames

      3 years ago
    • I’ve seen another at our local track spit flames while driving behind it, although it was an MR (with the dual clutch). It was also a time attack car.

        3 years ago