Time capsule Porsche Carrera GT: only 69 miles on the clock

      1y ago


      A Porsche Carrera GT is up for sale and this time "as new" and never driven are actually true. The Carrera GT has only 69 miles (111 kms) on the clock. With so few miles the question is how did the original owner enjoy his Porsche supercar? So in the comments below let's try and guess how the owner enjoyed his Carrera GT without driving it. I look forward to your inventive responses. (Source: Autohebdo)

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      • Join Neunelfer!! Other tribes keep posting the same stories but you will see it here first.

          1 year ago
      • He didn’t enjoy it I guess? To me a Porsche is all about the driving experience. Of course this is also a beautiful car but why only look at it when you can drive it?

          1 year ago


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