Time Lapse (how i work)

2y ago


While i prepare some cool articles for the future, i am going to take advantage of this moment and make a post that shows a little how i make my images

below are 3 examples of how i work, they are quite simple for the time being as i am still getting familiar with the screen recording process. I hope in the future i can elaborate more on these videos and try and show you even better this process.

These are made in Photoshop CS6 with the aid of a wacom intuos pro M, i am doing photoshop work for 13 years now, after finding out that drawing on paper was not the only method i had to express my automotive ideas.

sorry about the terrible music on the videos, this is due youtube copyright restrictions.

First video is about a Toyota GT86, which i designed a full racing bodykit consisting of very wide fenders, new diffuser, GT wing, cannard and sideskirt, all having in mind aerodynamics, finished off with a set of volk te37, and darkened tail lights

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Toyota GT86


toyota GT86 original

Toyota GT86 modified

Second video contains something different, this time i went for a stance look, the car is slammed to the ground on air suspensions, it features some sort of rocket bunny style overfenders, custom designed bumper and lip, custom sideskirts and roof spoiler, for the wheels i went with some candy red forgiato wheels

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Subaru Impreza WRX


Subaru Impreza WRX original

Subaru impreza WRX Modified

For the last video, we have a fully customized time attack beast. mods contain full widebody kit, racing suspensions, aggressive canards and lip, racing interior, big wing, bonnet vents, and a racing livery

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Mitsubishi Lancer SE


Mitsubishi Lancer SE original

Mitsubishi Lancer SE modified

Hope you enjoyed, stay tuned for more

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