Time to show the Porsche 997. Yep, it has been a while

1y ago


So I have been away from my 911 for 3 months now. Not being able to drive such a great car is always a challenge but work commitments have to come first. Nonetheless, it is summer in Australia and in the next couple of weeks I will be back in P997. That means more content on my Porsche 997 tribe, images on my Insta @p997.1 and videos on my YouTube Channel (YouTube.com/michaelbath). Follow me here and subscribe to my channel (link in my bio) and you won't miss any of my new content. Any ideas for content you would like to see with my Porsche 911 just let me know in the comments below. Its going to be a great Porsche holiday season! #porsche #porsche911 #porsche997

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