Timeless Style: Bburago 1/18 Ferrari Monza SP1

Down each avenue or via, street or strada you can enjoy the drive alone, on an evening in Roma.

E​ver since the May Cheong Group acquired the Ferrari license in the mid-2010s, they've been the only reasonably priced go-to for 1/18 Ferraris. Sure, BBR and Amalgam have made it, but one of either costs more than half of my 1/18 collection. Although I definitely think they don't deserve the license, I have to make do with whatever they put out to satisfy the urge for one. Although I loved the LaFerrari, FXX-K, FXX-K Evo, and the F50, I felt I needed something a bit newer. Since they've wasted their license in the past few years, I decided to get myself their only worthwhile new 1/18 Ferrari in the form of the Monza SP1.

I​f you don't know about the Monza SP1, just know it's their newest street-legal track toy from their Icona series. This is essentially a barchetta-ified 812 Superfast. I had the chance to see one at Ferrari Fort Lauderdale a few days ago and felt inspired to write this up as a result. It was breathtaking in person. I've seen a Chiron Pur Sport and didn't feel the way the Monza SP1 made me feel. Although I love this model, I hope they make a Monza SP2 down the line. That would be great. I should note this is a full Bburago Ferrari dealer edition model. There's no difference between this and the ones you'll find at your local warehouse stores in a Maisto box other than the box itself and the Bburago on the base of the car.

A​lthough the front fascia of the car might be divisive, it harkens back to the barchetta Ferrari race cars of the 40s to 60s. The one I saw in person was reminiscent of the 125 S in terms of color and livery. This particular Monza SP1 dons the debut Grigio Titanio paint with Giallo Modena heritage livery.

A​s much as I'll give them shit for being a total waste of the Ferrari license, Bburago managed to nail the proportions of this model. I assume Ferrari wouldn't settle for anything less than perfection. You'll also notice that they made the carbon fiber trim look somewhat realistic. I will also note it has 4-corner suspension.

F​or a model that can be bought for as little as $15, the shut lines are very nice. The car also sits about as well as a model at this price can. The side profile shows just how accurate the model is. The metal flake in the paint looks sublime in the light.

Around back, you'll notice it has the rear LED light bar for the brake lights nicely concealed under the trunk lid. You can't even tell it's there from a distance. It looks like a Tesla-esque panel gap if you don't know what you're actually looking at. It has nicely detailed exhaust tips.

T​he gloss carbon fiber looks great in pictures, but is little more than textured shiny plastic. At least it says Monza SP1 on the plate in case you confused it with a 512 S Modulo or an F355 GTS driven by the next girl™.

Credit where it's due; the wheels look very nice and the brake discs and calipers are actually a lot better than the price would suggest.

T​he headlights are also nicely detailed and look exactly like the real ones. I know most people think they're ugly, but I still love them anyway.

Moving inside, or less outside, we find the half-sized cabin nicely detailed from the textured floor and carbon fiber trim to the harness and knobs. When they try, they can go above and beyond expectations.

F​rom what I can tell, the seat is Iroko. The buttons, knobs, and features are all present. If you've noticed a lack of a windshield, the little hump in front of the gauge cluster is a "windshield" that works with aerodynamics to channel air above you as you drive. I would still recommend wearing a helmet unless you enjoy bugs in your eyes, nose, and mouth.

I​n case you've forgotten in the last few pictures, this is a Monza SP1 as per what the hump tells me. And here I was thinking it was an SF90 Stradale or a Mythos.

When we look under the trunk lid, we find some space for helmets, race suits, and a fire extinguisher. Given the size of the car, the real one might fit a small trip to Costco in a pinch.

T​he hood is reverse-hinged with struts to keep it open, which is a nice touch. The thing that gets me is that it feels very nice and has a solid click when it closes. The F140 V12 looks as ostentatious as always.

F​rankly, I do love this model. They're few and far in-between nowadays, but when Bburago puts some effort into a 1/18 Ferrari, they hit it out of the park. It's a gem for any collection, but most importantly, it's a truly amazing feat of technology and engineering in person. Although I may talk shit about Bburago not using the licensing to the fullest, I'm looking forward to my upcoming 1/24 SF90 Stradale and Roma.

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Comments (7)

  • That's beautiful, particularly so for the price! 😊

      1 month ago
  • I agree, they don’t deserve the license. But boy is this a beautiful model. I noticed with the LaFerrari by them the wheels are also superb.

      1 month ago
  • I went to Costco and I found like 10 of these so I picked one up along with a LaFerrari.

      30 days ago
  • Very interesting what happens when it rains?

      29 days ago
  • I want that!

      30 days ago