Times are changing...

And with this wind of change, it appears the days of mocking cars like the Juke and Prius are now but a memory.

2020 has so far been, what I can safely call a disaster. But I don't think we've done too badly with the cars so far at all.

Once the pinnacles of ugly and all-round ridiculous motor vehicles, Nissan and Toyota have clearly taken a good hard look at themselves, and realised it was about time they set the record straight with the Juke and Prius. Already, the Japanese have thrown the new and drastically improved Juke at us. And what a save it was. Gone are the days where one would swerve into a ditch to avoid the hideous little crossover that was Nissan's accident of birth. Now we have welcomed a new design, an interesting and, at long last, nice one. The lights are great, the shape is funky and fresh, The interior is fantastic. It's a hit, sales have been great (in Ireland at least) and I can see why. This is a crossover, so in the car industry it's immediately bound for a long life of criticism and dislike, but for what it is, I can very happily live with it. Granted I still wouldn't buy one, but let's not pretend there's not a lot of other people who would, and have for that matter. And while we can no longer enjoy the disgust on the faces of people who see it in the flesh, we can always look up the old one if we fancy a laugh. So that's that sorted then. Now onto the real deal.

Now, the Prius on the other hand, isn't quite the saving grace as it's once ugly Japanese counterpart. 2021 will see the beginning of the all new one, with (see quote box, I know the suspense must be killing you)

"Refreshed interior, exterior and safety features"

And the pictures are quite remarkably hopeful. Unfortunately, I can safely say that this will still be considred a very ugly car. This Prius is gonna cause a big spilt in global opinion, and that's based off the looks alone. There will be the 'Oh actually that's quite unique and finally not a half-bad looking car at all' and the 'Jesus it's still an ugly little shit' sides. I imagine that based off the pictures, the majority might fall into the latter. I for one, don't, but I've always taken to the odd cars with the questionable appearance. Now like the Juke, I will hand on heart say that every other version of the Prius has been simply revolting, no question. With this one, the main struggle is working with the shape that Toyota are creating. It's still got that high end that turns heads, generally for the wrong reason. But in my opinion they've actually made it work. I gotta say I really like the front. There's almost something sporty to it (now as we all know there won't be anything sporty about the drive). The interior is good, still nothing special but perfectly fine as interiors go:

And so I can't see any problem with it. It will still be boring to drive and all of that, but again like the Juke, if one simply needs a car that will do their 'stuff', they might not be judged so badly. I can say that the Prius is now NOT UGLY anymore (to me). Now if most of you still find it hideous, you can say in the comments and I can tell you to go do one and we will all continue on, all content with life. That's about it really. The Juke and the Prius are no longer the common enemy, and on that bombshell, back to the tent.

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  • No they’re not. It must die.

      1 month ago
  • 2020 is really a disaster first australia's fires,virus,port side blasts and now an article on drivetribe that says PRIUS and JUKE are not UGLY. I mean what's next... PONTIAC AZTEK is the best looking car on planet. I understand these cars r designed to go from point A to B with much efficiency but why they have to look the way they do and i still struggle to understand why crossovers exist.

      1 month ago
    • No I dont get crossovers either. That wasnt the point of the article😅. Consider it an opinion of mine, a strong one (arent they all)..... but the latest versions ar modern, fresh and actually quite cool in my view. MY VIEW, that is. It appears...

      Read more
        1 month ago