Autódromo Fernanda Pires da Silva

My homage to the lady who made all this possible: Fernanda Pires da Silva left us on the 11th of January 2020, but her legacy will carry on. Gentlemen, start your engines.⁠

Estoril Classics '19

Estoril Concours d'elegance

Estoril Classic's Concours d'Elegance is a unique event that invites not only car aficionados, but the whole family as well. Want to try fitting 10 people into a Mini? Right. Want to show up with a unicorn on your roof? Got you. Want to go early to hand-draw your favourite cars? No one is going to stop you. Want to sit children in a display car? No problem. Bring them all.⁠

Estoril Classics - ACP Concours d'elegance

A Team of Horses

Algarve International Racetrack is a carousel made of asphalt, where the carriages are made of horses, many many horses.⁠

Algarve Classic Festival '19

Wainer 63

Wandering through the service areas inside and around the track always makes for some very relaxing fitness time, specially during free practice sessions. Wear comfortable shoes folks!

Algarve Classic Festival '19⁠

Looking for the gremlin

Everyone knows the beauty of a racing 911. But have you ever witnessed a V8 Porsche 928S on track? That's a vision you can't unsee and unear.

Algarve Classic Festival '19

Public service announcement:
Now you know where to tow a Lotus Elan R26.⁠

Algarve Classic Festival '19

Ford v Ferrari

The critics were right. Not one racing movie cliché was spared on this one. Like you, I went to the cinema on premiere day to see this rare and obscure genre of movies about cars and racing, Ford v Ferrari. I truly want to believe the title was chosen to lower the expectations of racing fans, leading them to believe this was another Good x Evil, America x World kind of movie. It surely has those moments, but more than Ford, more than Ferrari, this is the ultimate homage to a larger-than-life character, Ken Miles, whose story (more or less factual) has now been imprinted in pop culture forever. With this in mind, clichés are a fair price I'm willing to pay for a movie like this in 2019.⁠

Algarve Classic Festival '19

Race it, break it,
fix it, win it.

This looked so trivial, so normal, yet so special. The man, opening the engine of the little green Mini Cooper S, after racing it. The lady, right by his side, having a rest and warm cup of tea, holding a set of head gaskets, waiting for the right time to hand them over. A racing weekend is made of moments like these.⁠

Algarve Classic Festival '19

Carreras Colombia

"Carreras Colombia", the famously known AC Cobra 289 driven by James Cottingham and Oliver Bryant at this year's Algarve Classic Festival.

Algarve Classic Festival '19

The unsung heroes of motorsport

The unsung heroes of Motorsport. The anonymous men and women in orange jumpsuits, so bright, yet so invisible. They are the eyes and ears of every racing event. They are Legion, and we should thank them.⁠

Algarve Classic Festival '19

Mercedes 300SL Gullwing

This seagull eats caviar

Estoril Classics Week - ACP Concours d'elegance '19

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