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International trips are always fun when you’ve got friends, family or you decide to do it solo. And the best way to explore a new place is by road. Well, going behind the wheel for the first time in a new country can be a bit intimidating as there are many rules and signals that you have to follow.

We’ve jotted down a few tips for Indian drivers driving internationally for the first time in order to make their trip more fun and enjoyable.

1. Always carry your license and passport - Make sure you’ve always got your driving as well as international driving license with you in case you’re stopped by the police. For checkups, keep your passport with you to avoid any problems.

2. Get an automatic car – Driving an automatic is much more convenient as you don’t have to worry about the clutch or gear shift at all times. This helps to make your drive more pleasant in a new county.

3. The left hand drive – Most countries have left hand drive, this can be very confusing for Indian drivers. Ensure your mirrors are well placed, so you keep an eye with ongoing traffic.

4. Get GPS - Being in a new country means you’ve got many places to visit, but you’re bound to lose your way. Skip all the confusion and turn your GPS on at all times to find your way with ease.

5. Know the law – Laws for driving vary from country to country. Before you head out exploring new places, make sure you’re aware of all the laws, signs and important details.

6. Have fun driving – In order to get the most from your driving experience, get plenty of sleep, plan your stops in advance, have some coffee to feel refreshed and reenergized.

7. Switch drivers – If you plan to go on a long road trip, you can have another driving partner to switch it up. This gives you time to stretch, take a quick nap and relax.

8. Safety first – Never drink and drive because you have others travelling with you too. Always maintain road safety wherever you go to ensure the safety of your family and other pedestrians.

When you’re on a holiday, you need to relax and leave all your worries behind. Keep your road trips fun with your loved ones and keep a note of the tips above for your next international trip.

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