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What do I do when I arrive at DriveTribe

4y ago

When you arrive at DriveTribe, your profile containing your posts will become your home. You will also notice that you don't yet have any followers, which is a key ingredient of your experience here at DriveTribe. Here are the steps you should follow:

1. Load the car you currently drive in the Garage area.

If we have a corresponding Owners Club, you will receive an invitation to that community. This will link you to a community of car owners who share your specific passion for a brand or quirks of a common driving experience. Once you join your Owners Club, you can post your pictures and share your experiences in the Owners Club Tribe or the Owners Club Chat.

2. 'What if I don't have a car or don't get an invite?'

There are a number of tribes that are designed just for the purpose of kicking the tires so to speak. When you join one of these community tribes you will notice that you can post to that tribe which already has an active following.

Here are some of them:

Drift Community

USA Community / USA CHAT

Fun Community

Supercar Community

JDM Community

F1 Community

Classics Community

Motorsport Community

Photography Community

As well as many many more....As well as many, many more you can find using Search

Another very popular first destination for newer members are the Spotting tribes. Once you join the tribes, you can post spots of any sort of car you see during your daily travels from around the world. One great way to start at is Carspotter Central, where Lou Lou will very often stop in and reply to your comments with a personal welcoming message. If you run a quick tribe search for spotting you will discover active communities from all over the globe representing virtually any sort of thing that will sit still for a picture.

Finally, if you have any questions while you're travelling the halls of DriveTribe, you will see our ambassadors clearly marked with Chevrons next to their names. They are the most helpful people on the planet and would love to hear from you on any topic.

#Ambassador #Ambo

#Ambassador #Ambo

Always keep the sunny side up but make sure you keep on DriveTribe-ing. Cheers

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Comments (42)

  • thanks for that it was a big help.

    The only thing I am not sure about is the FOLLOW/UNFOLLOW buttons

    This morning I clicked on them whilst red(FOLLOW) they are now showing black UNFOLLOW so I hope I have it right.


      4 years ago
    • Hey will you join LIFT ME UP? You have to use the search glass and type it in exactly. Daria is trying to get her page to go live.

        4 years ago
    • Old comment

        5 months ago
  • Thank you for the great tips!

      2 years ago
    • Welcome Josh! We all love to see new people roaming the halls of DriveTribe. Your going to love it here. Cheers

        2 years ago
    • Oh Ben and if you have some time visit my new post and share your thoughts on the best car you think too! Thank you for your great guide into this great place!

        2 years ago
  • Such good advice,Ben,Always good to hear from you,and someone obviously so in the know!👍🏻😊XX

      2 years ago
  • Amazing advice there Ben keep up the good work.

      2 years ago
  • Hi Ben, don't worry, there's bigger tribe leaders out there who will join smaller tribes :-), especially when they're not live yet. We've all had small tribes at one point! My best advice to grow your tribe: be creative and original (just posting pictures of cars will most likely get you nowhere - unless you own a fleet of hypercars, that is). Best of luck!

      4 years ago
    • Thanks Gordon,

      Our primary site is kids in karts. No new footage in the off season though. That is where all our original content will be. I created the other two to keep me busy while I wrench on the karts over the winter.


      Read more
        4 years ago
    • Yup, just joined that.


      Niels (Godron, not Gordon ;-)

        4 years ago