- If you ever wanted to explore the Titanic. Now you can with this astonishing new game

Titanic: Honour & Glory

PC Game in development is the most detailed Unreal3D model of an historical object made so far.

38w ago

The level of detail in the game created so far is truly astonishing. The game itself will be an interactive mystery that will pull the gamer into 1912, the Titanic's tragic story and feature 200 real characters from the ship, which in some cases are voiced by the descendants of those actual people.

The Game is currently far from complete and doesn't even have a release date yet. But there is a free to download playable demo at www.titanichg.com/demo which allows you to walk around the Ship and see both Grand Staircases, the 1st Class Restaurant, the Cafe Parisien, Scotland Road, the 3rd Class Restaurant, some staterooms, one boiler room and the Turkish Baths.

There is also a companion game in development which features Titanic's equally ill-fated younger sister, the Britannic.

I'll certainly be buying this when it comes out!

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