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To drive or to be Driven

Just spotted this beauty and wanted to learn a little about the name Maybach.

1y ago

The Maybach traces its history to Wilhelm Maybach, inventor of various engines. He was known as the "king of engineers." Wilhelm and Daimler had a relationship since the early 1900s- he left in 1909 and, along with his son, started an Aircraft Engine Building Company. I know, right! Making engines for the infamous Zeppelins, and trains, it was not until 1919 after the first great war, that Wilhelm and his son Kurt built their first experimental car. The first instant classic introduced at the Berlin Motor Show in 1921. The vehicle for the elites of the world, not as revolutionary as the Model T, but Maybach carries with it- a feeling, it is always a joy to spot select vehicles. Maybach's sales have never been outstanding, maybe because it's assembled alongside S classes. However, I, at 35, still feel like a small child face stuck to the back window of a two-door 1988 Nissan Sentra staring at a Testarossa, as accelerates away with a Don Jonson wannabe listening to Corey Hart's "Sunglasses at night." Great memories!.

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