To Infinity and Beyond!- Toy Story HW's

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35w ago

Now, many of you have heard of the Disney Pixar's Toy Story. They've made 4 movies so far, and little did you know they made a Hotwheels set? Now I don't remember much, since I got this a really, really long time ago. Let's say 8 years ago. I remember them selling them in packs of 4, but if you wanted separate ones, there weren't much to choose from. They were all Toy Story 3.

Okay, now moving on to the cars:

1. The one that has a rocket engine strapped on to is the Alien(s) character

2. The Green car is the T-Rex (arguably the best one)

3. The one in the middle is Buzz Lightyear

4. The Pink car is the Piggy Bank (might be hard to remember)

5. The car with the cowboy hat is Woody (how do you not know him?)

Before you go, what's your favorite?

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