To sum up: McLaren's road racer and the true McLaren F1 successor

Plus Overfinch's take on the old Land Rover Defender and Audi's facelifted RS5.

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This week McLaren have taken the 600LT to an even further level of performance, in an attempt to create the ultimate road-legal racer in the 620R. In other McLaren related news, Gordon Murray automotive have unveiled the designers 'true successor' to the McLaren F1, the new T.50. For those who'd rather spend the money on something a little slower, Overfinch have announced their re-imagined Defender with an eye watering price tag. While back in the land of normality Audi have revealed the facelift for the 2020 RS5 Coupe and Sportback.

The McLaren 620R

This week McLaren have put yet another level into their sports series cars, with the ultimate iteration, the 620R. Essentially this is another step towards the McLaren 570S GT4 racer, making it even more focused than the current class leader the 600LT. The changes seem minimal on paper, with a little more power and lower weight than the 600LT (up 13bhp and down to 1282kg dry), with stiffer engine and transmission mounts to make the engines thrust a little more obvious in the cabin. The affects of these changes though are promised to be dramatic.

The real race car stuff is reserved for the chassis and aero upgrades on the new McLaren model. Downforce is improved via a large adjustable rear wing, huge front splitter and dive planes. The suspension meanwhile features manually adjustable coilovers, stiffer springs and anti-roll bars and a wider track. Pirelli Trofeo R tyres are wrapped around the new 19" front and 20" rear centre-lock wheels, with the option of slick tyres to fit when using the vehicle on track. The brakes also see improvements, the carbon ceramic discs are now 390mm at the front and 380mm at the rear, with new lightweight aluminium calipers.

The interior takes things even more seriously, with most creature comforts removed. Only a central screen remains to run all the track telemetry. Otherwise the interior is dominated by the carbon fibre bucket seats and six-point roll cage, getting this feeling this car will not be too kind to use on your commute. Though with only 350 cars for sale you will likely struggle to get your hands on one, despite the £250,000 ($) price tag. This car takes the theory behind a 911 GT3 RS and puts it onto a new level of performance, maybe the next generation 911 will have something to say about this, we will have to wait and see...

Overfinch's Big Money Defender 90

Think the new Defender is expensive, you haven't seen anything yet. £240,000 ($) is what prospective customers will have to cough up to earn themselves the keys to a new Defender which is "redefined by Overfinch". What this essentially means is that they have taken one of the most famous off-road vehicles of the past century and made it into a luxury soft top vehicle, inspired by yachts. Probably not what the original designers had in mind back when the first Land Rovers were being built.

This special model enhancements are kicked off by the 6.2-litre V8 engine, which produces 450bhp. Thankfully the brakes have been enlarged to make this a little less terrifying, though there is no word on suspension improvements. The new soft top arrangement and stainless steel exhaust however, will mean that you can enjoy the sounds of the new V8 rumbling beneath you. Overfinch have also added a set of 18" wheels to improve the looks of the Defender, alongside the contrasting colours on the bonnet and front grille.

The green paint scheme is matched by the green and tan leather spread through the interior and onto the Recaro bucket seats. Some report this as a one-off vehicle but Overfinch are open to enquiries via their website, somehow I don't see this becoming a common model.

Gordon Murray's New Hypercar, the True McLaren F1 Successor

Gordon Murray Automotive (wonder how they thought that name up) have revealed more details about their upcoming three seater hypercar, the T.50. The car will be revealed fully in May next year with customers expected to take delivery in 2022.

The new T.50 is said to be the last true supercar, utilising a naturally aspirated V12 engine and manual gearbox (unlike all of the latest EV hypercars) though does include a 48V mild-hybrid system to increase power. The car is no dinosaur though, with extensive use of carbon fibre construction used to keep the cars weight down to 980kg and ground affect aero (using that fan you see in the image above) to suck the car into the ground and improve grip extensively.

The first image released shows the car from the rear three-quarter angle. The car shows obvious design traits from the McLaren F1, with a simple design overall. The rear end is dominated by the centrally mounted fan while the rest of the design looks decidedly modern without eh futuristic looks of it's EV rivals.

The 100 unit run is expected to begin in 2022. This car carries a lot of pressure thanks to it's designer and the claims being made about how the car will perform. Each car will cost from £2 million plus taxes, but looking at McLaren F1 prices nowadays it would not surprise me to see this allocation filled quicker than you might think.

Nip and Tuck for the RS5

Audi this week has revealed images of the facelift for the 2020 RS5, in both two-door coupe and five-door sportback variants. The exterior changes are complimented by changes to the interior and an updated infotainment system.

The front-end takes on a wider grille as seen in the RS4, with the vents sitting above to emanate the old Ur Quattro. The other major exterior change is to the headlights with LED options available. The exterior paint is now available in two extra colours; Tango Red and the above pictured Turbo Blue. Inside the car has gained an updated 10.1-inch MMI touchscreen with Audi's virtual cockpit system.

The chassis and powertrain of the facelifted model are carried over unchanged from the current model, so no performance increases here, not that the RS5 really needed more power. Pricing is yet to be revealed for all countries though it is expected to rise slightly from 2019MY cars.

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