Today is Rover Metro's 40th anniversary!

It's been 40 years since the iconic car was first released, and people seem surprisingly hyped up about it.

The Metro is a car that is commonly seen as a prominent subject of car-related jokes, due to it being developed by British Leyland, a company which did such a good job at making cars that they would collapse into rust within 12 seconds after leaving the factory.

Nowadays however, there seems to be a growing of sense of nostalgia when it comes to the Metro, with the main reason for that being due to it being a car that many families bought back in the 1980s, when the Metro was billed as fierce rival to Ford Fiesta and other European hatchbacks. Such nostalgia is prominent on the site Metropower that serves as an attempt to preserve the legacy of this interesting car.

The final Rover Metro in the British Motor Museum

The final Rover Metro in the British Motor Museum

The British Motor Museum in Warwickshire has also jumped onto this trend, launching an online exhibition to celebrate the anniversary of the Metro. This is no accident, as the museum also houses the final Metro ever rolled off the production line, bearing the 1000 signatures of those who helped to produce it.

In my opinion, the Rover Metro showcases a depressing story of how Britain's attempt to maintain a reputation as a country that makes good cars started to falter in the late 20th century. The Metro was a an amazing concept that was just executed by the wrong people, and I think that's a pity; maybe if the British Leyland didn't make it, the hatch could've been one of the greatest cars of the 20th century.

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