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Today Sunday 10-29-2017 Live SCCA Solo at Kids in Karts Chat

Join us live for a 200 car sold out Halloween Solo with the SCCA

3y ago

I will do my best to run Live Action from the Halloweenie special SCCA Solo in Kansas city today on the Kids In Karts Chat

Check out the SCCA for any type of motorsport you are interested in here in the states. It's a great way to get your feet wet. Find you local chaper. It's usually free to watch and less than you think to race.

Before the car racing begins they have the little guys run their Karts. We will also carry that live around 9:30am CST US. That will be followed by a sold out 200 car event where the cars are dressed for halloween and will be voted on for best car costume. Join in the fun on chat. Thanks for watching.

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  • I think I missed it. The video was pretty great to see though

      3 years ago