1w ago

Today was my off-day from studies as my Preparatory exams just got over. So, I went to say Hi to my new neighbours(They are an old couple and very sweet). The best part is the Uncle is a retired Car Designer(An advicer for my career)!! Also found out they own a rather unusual car-a 1982 Ford Escort XR3!

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  • Very nice! That’s also really lucky, those neighbours could be the difference between you achieving your goal

      13 days ago
  • Damn an Escort! My neighbours in India have a Nissan Terrano. Very boring

      13 days ago
  • Cool. It’s nice to see people taking care of ordinary cars. It doesn’t have to be classic muscle car all the time now, does it?

    Sometimes good old car is enough and I respect that all the time.

      13 days ago
  • So cool, both the cars and the neighbours

      13 days ago