Today's Top Five - Speed Limit Records

I'm not in any way supporting this, but it's interesting - or should I say, shocking - what people have done!

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Before I begin the list, bear in mind there is no official verified top 5. I'm simply listing some of the top figures that are known and the cars that achieved them!

1) Smokey Nagata's 197mph Supra!

For all those JDM fans who idolise the Supra, this is the holy grail! Smokey - a Japanese tuner - shipped this highly modified 900bhp Toyota over to the UK, where in the middle of the night he attempted to reach the double-ton on the A1 motorway. He was jailed, forced to leave the country for 28 days, banned from driving there again and charged a rather insignificant £190 fine back in 1999, equating to about £350 or $500 today.

2) Gumball Rally - 242 mph in a Koenigsegg CCR!

Sorry for the grainy quality, I'm not sure they expected this picture to circle round an internet forum in 20 years time!

Sorry for the grainy quality, I'm not sure they expected this picture to circle round an internet forum in 20 years time!

This story has become engrained in motoring folklore. Arthur Chirkinian was travelling through Texas on the rally at 242 mph when his car was caught and impounded by the police. His co-driver paid out a large undisclosed bail, and they tried to catch up with the rest of the pack. However, smoke starting pouring from the engine bay, and they found that the radiator cap was missing! With a quick ring to Koenigsegg, they found that the VW Beetle shared this cap, so went to the nearest dealership, bought a brand new one, fitted it to the car, then left the brand new Beetle with the keys in on the side of the road! What an incredible story!

3) 210mph through California in a Veyron!

This one may or may not be fiction, so listen and make your own decision! Philip Robert Odegard apparently got a speeding ticket for doing 210+ mph in a Veyron in California. Clarkson was accused of supporting this when the story found it's way onto Top Gear, but as the story emerged, some flaws started to shine through, rather like the SSC Tuatura! You see, police equipment doesn't actually record speeds of more than 200mph on average, so some questioned how they came to a conclusion of that speed. The police denied that this incident had ever happened, and all in all it turned into a bit of a fiasco!

4) Highest recorded by speed cameras - 172mph in a 911 Turbo!

The above records were captured by police with radar guns etc. This one is different because it is the fastest speed ticket given out because of a speed camera. The British driver touched 172 while in a silver 911 Turbo, darting down some B-Roads. He got hit with an £8,000 fine, and an additional fine for dangerous driving. Eeesh.

5) Most times the speed limit - 120mph in a 20!

The other records set new limits for recklessness all around. But this one was especially crazy, as Yorkshire Police caught a driver doing SIX TIMES the speed limit. That is completely undefendable and frankly horrific.

I hope you enjoyed the article and thanks for reading!

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  • $500 for 320km/h! That's what you get for driving 30 over, in Manitoba.😂😂😂

      8 days ago
  • Jeeeeeeeesus 242 on a road that mans insane.

      8 days ago