Tomica 1:64 Mitsuoka Le-Seyde

Since it is Turkey day here's a Turkey... I'm Kidding!

1w ago

Oh Mitsuoka <3 you daring car company you. Bless Tomica for releasing these crazy-styled vehicles in diecast form because I love them so. In this day and age when the cost to manufacture a vehicle is super expensive, it's getting more rare for car companies to roll the dice and release a vehicle with outlandish styling that appeals to only a select few.

The Le-Seyde would definitely only appeal to a select few. It appears to pull equal parts old timey roadster with current age sports car (I swear it looks like it swallowed an RX7 or BRZ). Love it or hate it, it's wildly daring and not entirely terrible! If you got pockets full of cash and you love attention, there is no mistaking this vehicle if it pulls up to a big event. It's a show stopper in a good/bad way. Controversy on wheels to draw reactions of wow and bleh all the same.

Tomica kills it again. Fantastic details and build quality all around. Solid metal on metal construction and the button wheels look quite at home on this vehicle. Its a welcome addition to my collection since I adore the four wheeled freaks around the world.

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