Tomica Dodge Coronet Custom

Finally scored the pedestrian version of the Coronet. Everyone knows these as taxis and police cars but actual civilians drove these cars too.

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Comments (4)

  • Woah! I have that very car but in green! Idk what the brand was but now I know. I tried to repaint it once, but that didn't work (tried with a brush, had no custom diecast knowledge) and I want to make it into a custom eehn I finish some others

      10 months ago
  • One of the first Tomicas I bought years ago was one of these mint in box. I prefer civilian versions over police/fire/taxi as most manufacturers tend to see little value of four doors in 'regular' clothing. Thankfully Tomica knew better.

      1 year ago
  • There is a guy around here DDing one of those, even in the winter. I've seen him a few times. Don't worry about him ruining a nice one though, it's pretty rusty. License plate: SLANT 6

      1 year ago
  • My moms uncle had one

      1 year ago