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W​hile We Can't All Afford Aston Martin's, There Might Just Be A Few James Bond Cars That The Rest Of Us Can Afford...

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S​ince I can remember, I have always been a massive fan of James Bond. I love the travel, I love the watches, but most importantly, I love the cars. Unfortunately, these types of cars come at a price tag not many of us can afford to cough up for, especially when we don't have Q branch supplying them to us. There are a few cars driven by 007 himself that might just be more attainable than we all previously thought, however. For the purposes of clarity, I am only writing about a few of them that I particularly like, and that are driven by James Bond himself. Let's get on with it!

D​r No (1962) introduces us to James Bond for the first time, and also introduces the first car that we see him drive: a Sunbeam Alpine. 007 is in Jamaica on a mission and of course needs some transportation to get him around the island! While not per se issued by Q branch, this is the first car we see Bond driving on the big screen. These cars have recently become a little pricier due to their collector status and age, but can still be found at a reasonable price in some locations. They are a very beautiful classic car, and a good alternative for those of us who can't quite stretch to an Aston Martin DB5 (I'm guessing that's at least 95% of us here).

N​ext up we have Goldeneye (1995). In this film, Bond heads to Cuba in the latter half and is supplied by Q with an atlantic blue BMW Z3. Fitted with all the usual gadgets (albeit never used in the movie), the Z3 is a classy little roadster. Fitted with both automatic and manual transmissions, these little cars seem to be at the bottom currently in terms of their resale value which means, depending on mileage, you could potentially pick one up for fairly cheap. Most often, I see prices for them range from $3,000- $25,000 for the M- Sport versions or hardtops.

L​astly, we have Tomorrow Never Dies (1997). In this movie, Q once again supplied Bond with a BMW, but a much larger variety: the 750IL. It has "all of the usual refinements" in the form of rockets, cable cutting saws, and armor plating. For those of us who just can get the car and not the gadgets, these cars can be a major bargain. While many warn about their potentially catastrophic maintenance costs, prices range from $10,000 all the way down to $1,500- a potentially tremendous deal.

W​hile I am not saying that any of these cars are reliable or financially savvy purchases, they are James Bond cars, they are actually driven by him (the actors who play him) in some of the movies, and are all fairly cheap as fas as "exotic" cars go. I think they are all quite ageless designs and have stood the test of time quite well. For the Bond fan on a budget who still wants a Bond car of sorts, these could be good options to look into.

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