31w ago

Took some pictures of the Forza GT500! Tried to recreate the twister orange colour with the $10,000 painted absolute black racing stripes. A very good handler which is unusual for a MUSTANG. 😂

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  • I’m glad you got one! Fantastic color choice!

      7 months ago
    • Yep! You should definitely get one as well, this car is awesome to drive along with the Corvette C8. I rarely have orange cars as most of my cars are white, but white just looks so bland on this amazing car! I feel like this car deserves a colour...

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        7 months ago
    • I know I love colors!!! I actually did get it and love to drive the C8 as well! Have fun out there!

        7 months ago
  • I'll admit this car got me into Murican cars again. Europe's supercar makers should be afraid of this thing.

      7 months ago